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Riverview Health Centre is located at 1 Morley Avenue in Winnipeg, MB. Our Nurses are members of Local 1a of the Manitoba Nurses Union. We currently have approximately 200 full and part time Nurses, and 15 casual Nurses.


If you have any union concerns that cannot be resolved with your manager please contact the Local President Gerri  at  Local1aunion@gmail.com or Daniella at daniella_scerbo@hotmail.com.


For union or bargaining concerns please use the email address do6608@gmail.com.


To contact the secretary of the union via email emlynn_@hotmail.com.



Local Executive 2022-2023


Position Name Unit Ext.
President Gerri Robert 3East 6136
Vice-President Daniella Scerbo 3East 6136
Treasurer Lindsay Krahn 2East 6148
Secretary Eden Nicerio 4NR  
PCBC Rep. MNU  Board Dana Orr 3East 6136
Members-at-Large Ainsley Bommersbach 3East  
  Barb Sing-Fredette 4NR  
  Michelle Gilroy Float  
  Tanis Woods 3East 6136
  Pauline Cayetano 3West  

Workplace Safety and Health Committee Members

Michelle Gilroy Float  
  Cindy Colquhoun 4Floor  

Special Thanks

Special thanks to  these Companies and individuals who made donations for our

Local AGM that was held In March 2022.


Jodi Dusik-Sharpe (Patient Care Mgr. from 3E)

Kathleen Klassen (CEO - RHC)

Oakwood Cafe (Osborne St.)

Starbucks (Point Rd.)

TR Restaurant (Osborne St.)

Colors Hair (Pembina Hy)




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